Newest Craze

Lets take a look at some E-cigarette reviews. In a day and age where smokers are becoming more and more put upon to remove themselves from society in lonely pursuit of their vice, it is no wonder that ways and means have been sought after to allow that endangered of dangerous species, the tobacco user, an opportunity to indulge in his or her favorite pastime, which is to say, partaking of that smooth mellow soother of nerves: dried, treated tobacco rolled delicately into extra fine burning papers to deliver the smoke. Sadly, in this day and age, smokers are having an exceedingly hard time finding smoker friendly, or at least, smoker neutral participation zones. Gone are the days where a smoker could whip out a cancer stick after that nice steak meal and light up. Too many delicate, non-smoking nasal passages have been offended. Too many state legislatures have been bombarded with complaints against the smoker. Restaurants have closed off smoking sections and removed complimentary ashtrays. It seemed like, with the exception of a smoker’s homestead, mandatory cessation of smoking would very soon be a reality for tobacco users in every sphere of society.

This is where the electronic cigarette comes in. A rather wily individual or individuals have come up with a way whereby a smoker can get his fix of nicotine without the dirty looks and fines. Electronic cigarettes are humanity’s answer to a smoker’s prayer. With an apparatus that looks more like a marijuana pipe and less like a traditional cigarette, smokers can utilize a USB controlled hand-held device that delivers a palatable blend of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, and assorted flavorings, delivering a reasonable facsimile of a nicotine fix if ever there was one. Although minor side effects like light-headed-ness and nausea have been reported among users of this technology (sometimes nicotine levels were too high by mistake), demand is rising and there is much popular feedback and even praise among displaced and exiled smokers about this product. No medical or scientific proof exists one way or the other about the safety or lack thereof of this product as of yet. But that’s really a nonissue, isn’t it? The horrible, detrimental effects of long-term tobacco use have been known to much of the world for the better part of sixty years, haven’t they? These data have never stopped the smoker from meeting his need thus far, have they? They also haven’t stopped the Food and Drug Administration from throwing its weight around on this new fad and extending its supervisory jurisdiction to include e-cigarettes and related supplies and vaping mixtures, despite the lack of concrete proof either way as to e-cigarettes harmlessness or health risks.

If It Comes Out of China, It’s on the Rise, right?

Still, if it comes out of China, how bad can it be? How can one-quarter of the population of the world be wrong? Estimates are that the large majority of purchasers are smokers who are trying to quit and that the craze is not just confined to China, but most of the western world. Evidence shows that more and more non-smokers and teeny-boppers are finding ways to get their hands on e-cigarettes and vaping liquid. Vape shops have been popping up like weeds on the fringes of many towns and villages, and even in storied, elegant and high profile areas of town. What used to have negative connotations as the preferred outlet of burnouts and outlaws have now gained an almost preppy acceptance on the mainstream side of town. Vaping and e-cigarettes are not vices to be hidden and indulged upon in backrooms and casinos of yesteryear. Ritzy businessmen and pillars of society have been seen utilizing e-cigarettes in fashionable venues and even in parent-teacher meetings. Even school police officers use them in non-tobacco zones in lieu of burning the weed.

It’s not clear as to the future of this relatively new development in vice and self-indulgence. If sales are any indication, then e-cigarettes have a bright and sunny future. As of this writing, sales of this miracle habit have exceeded seven billion dollars worldwide. For a species that rarely exhibits self-control, e-cigarettes are the new phase of minor vice for the committed hedonist.