AAMD Billing Notice 2019

Billing Contact

Our Billing is handled through Walker Schooler District Managers

For billing inquires please contact

(719) 447-1777

Pay my bill

Physical address for billing

Arabian Acres Metropolitan District

P.O. Box 1479

Colorado Springs, CO 80901

Online Payment

For those wanting automatic draft payments made please use the below form.  This form will need to be filled out and returned to Walker Schooler District Managers

Arabian Acres Metropolitan District Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits

Tap Fees

If you are a new or current property owner of the district and would like to look into the possibility of tapping into the district water system, please contact our ORC and President.  They can send you the appropriate forms along with looking at the location of your property in relation to our closest line to determine if tapping into our system is feasible.  Our current tap fee is $8000.00.

Please note that no connections are made after October 15th of each year per our ORC due to weather.


Properties connected to the District’s water system must receive prior approval of the District before connecting a cistern to the building’s plumbing. Prior to the District granting approval of any cistern installation and use, the District must receive a letter from a licensed plumber in the State of Colorado, certifying the installation does not create a cross-connection or back flow situation. Failure to obtain district approval prior to installation of a cistern shall be considered and unauthorized connection subject to application fees, fines and penalties imposed by the district and may be grounds for the district to turn off service, remove the meter and terminate the tap. for the health, safety and welfare of the districts customers. If a cistern is approved for connection to the building’s plumbing, the owner shall submit a back flow prevention device test report to the district manager on or before July 31st of each year thereafter. The back flow test shall be preformed by and individual licensed to perform such testing in the state of Colorado.