About Us

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Our Approach

Providing water service to AAMD in Teller CO, Colorado.

Who We Are

We are a local government in Colorado providing water utility services to the public in our boundaries.

Meet the Team

We collectively come from a variety of different backgrounds and expertise.  We feel that with the collection of this we bring to the board and the district a good mix.



Lucas Ortivez


Edith Coffman


Lanny Hoel




Lynn Willow


Lynn has been with the district for years and holds a tremendous amount of institutional knowledge and insight about the quality of your water. As our certified ORC, he is responsible for making process control and/or system integrity decisions about water quality or quantity that may affect public health or the environment. Look for Lynn’s consumer confidence reports in June of each year. This is where he communicates with you, the homeowner about the health and well being of our system.